Weddy's War Zone

Friday, September 30, 2005

I hate drunks!

I hate them, hate them, hate them, hate them!!! ARGH!!!!

Why the hell would a person go out drinking and keep getting drunk time after time after time??

It's as if this person expects time itself on all dimensions would have to come to a stand still and the ENTIRE universe would have to rush to his/her aid!

If you can't hold your fucking liquor then DON"T DRINK!!!!

Or if you are insistent on drinking then know your fucking limits!!!

I drink. I enjoy it. Some of my friends even call me alchy, in jest. Which I don't mind in the least cuz it's true that I enjoy alcohol very very much.

BUT I am not a drunk. Cuz I know my limits.

Sure I may get silly some times and slur when I talk and sometimes even have difficulty walking straight. But this is not a frequent occurance (the difficulty walking straight part i mean).

I have never needed someone to send me home and inconvenience this person by being totally non responsive when questioned on where the fuck I stay and what my fucking unit number is.

And why would I want to get myself into such a state knowing full well what my mum would have to say to the poor sod that brought me home?


Especially the ones that need people to send them home so that the person saving their ass can get the 3rd degree from their parentals, vomit everywhere, are heavy as hell, and do this repeatedly on a FUCKING regular basis.


Thursday, September 29, 2005

One more quiz

that I took. Yes, yes, yes, i know it is getting a bit too much. I could not help myself. I love John Cusack. So the handsome lah!

Your Life is Like
Being John Malkovich
What John Cusack movie are you?

Sad thing is that I never watched this show so I do not know if this result is accurate. Oh well, not like it's a matter of life and death.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I'm hooked

I did this quiz today and surprise surprise...

You Are a Bad Girl
You are 20% Good and 80% BadYou're a total bad girl, from your wild hair to tattooed toes.But you're too badass to even care if you're labeled "bad"!
Are You a Good Girl or a Bad Girl?


And once again I find myself saying...

is this a good thing I wonder.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Feeling soooo relaxed

It's devine I tell you. After a spa treatment I feel totally dreamy. Well at least for a couple of days after anyway. Before all the tension starts to creeps in and I turn into "grouchy bear" once again.

Came across this today. Quite cute.

My results...

Your Fashion Style is Trendy
You love fashion and live to shopAnd keeping up with the lastet trends is what you love bestYou know what's in, out, about to be in, and about to be outYou love to dress your friends and would make a killer celebrity stylist

Er... I don't think all of it is accurtae. But at least part of it is.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Spa getaway

Finally! I went to Batam today and since my wrist is feeling much better thanks to the act-q-patch I got to fully enjoy a full body massage.

I was to meet my traget twin and some other friends from work at Harbour Front at 7.30am. Needless to say we were all late except for the guy in our group. (typical) The last person arrived at 8.30am and we ahd brekkie at Mac's while lizzy got us checked in to the 9.10am ferry to batam.

the lovely people I went to batam with.

And this time I took a new ferry I'd never heard of before, the wavemaster. According to the only guy there, lizzy's fiance, this ferry is much faster than the one I took on my previous spa getaway trip.

Maybe it was the great company on board that makes me incline to agree. The ferry ride was over in no time.

We came back on the wavemaster 8. Maybe I should but 4D, 5858. Hmmm....

We normally got to this spa called Mustika Ratu but we heard that the owner of Mustika Ratu had opened a new spa called Tiara Mustika which we were all itching to try out. So off we went to the new spa. I must say the place is very nice.

They have so many packages to choose from but by far the most popular one is the one my target twin and I took.

310,000 rupiah gets you...

a full body massage with aromatheraphy oil, followed by a full body scrub and a full body mask. And to top it all off a lovely soak in the bathtub with your choice of Milk bath, Herbal bath or Sea Salt bath.

My target twin and I chose the sea salt bath that's to relax the entire body. And we chose to have a couple room. Good thing I am almost blind without my specs so I did not get blinded by any of her juicy bits.

I also got a facial for 115,000 rupiah which includes the tea tree mask treatment as opposed to their run of the mill mask. I figured my face had not been pampered for too damn long. Normal facial cost about 75,000 rupiah (i think so).

And last but definitely not least I got a manicure (50,000 rupiah) and a pedicure (55,000 rupiah). Dirt cheap by Singapore standards. We ordered in lunch from a cafe near by. We all had nasi goreng and I had an ice blended mocha something or other. Food and drink cost me only 33,000 rupiah inclusive of tax.

Before I continue I must say that we got quite a scare on arrival. My target twin got stopped by immigrationas her passport was valid for less than 6 months. I was petrified that she might have to go home and not get to ejoy the spa with us. In the end the immigration let us through with a small fine. Phew! So all those going to any part of Indonesia, be warned! Passports in general need to be valid a minimum of 6 months. Indonesia is one of the countries that enforces this law. We were very fortunate that the immigration guy let us through. He could very well have denied my target twin entry and there's nothing anyone could have done about it.

After all the soaking and pampering we headed to batam centre, the newest mall on batam and did a bit of shopping and had....

A & W's

Talk about yummy man, But my chicken strip one kind of the small lor.

Anyway, shopping at the new mall is great. Got a blouse from Matahari for 55,900 rupiah after 30% discount. I didn't even know there was a discount till i reached the cashier. That's SGD$9.23 leh!

After eating and a little bit of shopping we hurried yet again to catch the ferry. We were planning to catch the 8pm (batam time) ferry but thank goodness lizzy's darling went to check out the timings first. Seems we could only get on the 7pm or 9.40pm ferry. So we chose the former.

my target twin feeling rawkalicious on the ferry ride back home.

On the ferry i noticed this sign...

When i first saw it I thought it was a sign for the loo. The pic on the left look like jamban (squatting pan) mah. When I told my target twin she could not stop laughing.

see these two acting cute. and notice how we are taking garuda back home from batam. ahahahahaha!!

It was a splendid day trip with great food, massages, pampering and company of course.

I miss it already. Think i'll go text my target twin and try to make to arrange the next trip. :)

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Congratulations Furbykins!

Just got back from furbykins engagement. So happy for her. She and her guy really deserve and are well suited for each other.

At least she now was one thing less to worry about. Poor girl has been under so much stress from work and trying to finish all the arrangments for her engagement as well as the wedding.

Here are some pics from the occassion. Was also delighted that my man was able to attend since he was off today.

the gang from work hanging out after lunch at furbykin's void deck.

me :)

me, lizzy & her fiance, aka my scandal. (kidding lah!)

furbykins wz her gifts.

furbykins, me & my man.

me and furbykins' cake. gorgeous right?

It was a pity that we were not able to stay till she got all dolled up in her pretty baju wz full make up. I still think she looked pretty damn hot anyways.

A great time was had by all.

Once again, Congratulations furbykins!

Now it's my nap time. Better excuse myself before I get cranky.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Hazards of sparying perfume


on yourself while in a hurry.

I hurt my right wrist this morning. I was running late and i just HAD to use my Victoria's Secret Body Splash. I tried to do this "hand bending every which way and spraying everywhere" manouver, unsuccessfully to say the least. Then I felt something like a tension cable snapping in my wrist area and I knew I was in trouble. The pain i felt seconds after that is like no other. Now my wrist hurts when I bend my hand back towards my forearm. Shite! I was planning to go to Batam with my target twin for a well deserved spa session and now this has to happen.

Went home and tried to have a bath. That was also pure agony. Especially when i tried to dry myself off with a towel. Lucky my man has some of these left over and made me use one.

I smelt like I'd been hanging out in a chinese medicine shop (actually not that bad lah), but I did feel better by the time I got home. Bloody effective, man.
Hope I'll be alright by Monday so I can go for my spa getaway.

Strange bread.

I got this MMS from my friend Mo today.

He sees the weirdest things and feels compelled to take pics of the darn stuff and send them to me. I don't mind it all that much actually. At least his subject matter is always interesting and entertaining, if not a bit on the "WTF is that suppose to be" side of things.

I asked him why he always sees this kinda stuff and said that the bread looked like it shat on itself. He promptly replied for me to take a closer look and told me he thinks they resemble penises. I was like, "Thanks Mo! That's all i need to imagine. a whole row of penises for sale."


Once i complained to him via sms about this girl I had the misfortune of standing behind. She squatted down and bent over to pick something up and in the process gave me a full view down her jeans of her ass crack and enlighten me to the fact that she wasn't wearing any undies.

After i sent him that sms he proceeded to bombard my mobile for that entire week with pics of women in super low rise jeans with their ass cracks showing.

What caring friends I have.

As Mo says, "Pain must share!"

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The night my ma gave me a heart attack.

We went to the airport after watching Brothers Grimm. The plan was to pick my ma up from her most recent trip to Kuala Lumpur.

She had gone on Sunday morning and was to arrive on a Malaysia Airline flight at 8.25pm. After the movie my man and I hung out at Tampines Mall for a while and then headed to the airport.

I have a pass that allows me to enter the transit area and so I headed for the gate at which my ma's flight was to arrive. Last i checked with the airport arrival and departure hotline the flight was confirmed arriving at 8.16pm. So I sat outside the gate observing all the people in the gate that were also waiting for this flight to arrive so they could take the turn-around back to Kuala Lumpur. And I waited, and waited. and waited. I called the arrival and departure hotline four times while waiting. First time I called the arrival time had been pushed back to 8.20pm, then to 8.24pm and then to 8.36pm and the last time I called I was informed that the flight had been delayed and we had to check with the airline. I started to panic. Seeing as all the Malaysia Airline staff were in the gate there was no one to ask about my ma's flight.

I called my man and my target twin and they both told me to keep calm. My target twin even tried to find out why the flight was delayed from the staff at the Malaysia Airline check in counter. All to no avail. A few minutes later I saw a guy in a suit walk over to the gate and motioned to one of the Malaysia Airline staff to come out and discuss something. I quickly rushed over to eavesdrop on the conversation and heard the Malaysia Airline staff say that the flight had returned to Kuala Lumpur International Airport. As this staff left the gate I hurried after him and asked if it was true that the flight had turned back to K.L.I.A and why. He said it was true and they could not land here due to bad weather. Only now did I manage to breathe easy. For those few minutes I had thought the worse, like the plane crashed or what.

Anyways, I went out from the transit area and into the arms of my man. I am sure glad he was there to hold me. My target twin was also there to "hold my hand" and offer me ciggies.

I quickly messaged my mum to let her know that I know that her flight had turned back to K.L.I.A and to call me once she knows her new departure time.

The flight finally got here at 11.26pm.

My poor ma. She had not had dinner before her flight cuz she had expected to be back before 9pm and so by the time she arrived here her gastric was starting up. So we went to have a snack at Polar. Reached home slightly after midnight. I am just glad she is back safe and sound.

Brothers grimm

I went to see this show with my man today. Totally loved it.

Probably cuz of it's the out of the ordinary, totally unconventional, dark, beautiful artwork and setting and... I just loved the whole feel of the show. Dark, dreary but some how not mordbid or depressing. I know, total contradictory. But that' s the way I feel about the show and I have no other way to express it.

she is so hot!
So unfair. She's not young ok.
First saw her in Brotherhood of the Wolf. I loved that movie too.
Mainly cuz the character Mani had a really hot bod, interesting storyline and the fact that it was all in french didn't hurt either. (yes, i can be very snobbish and like feeling sikit atas once in awhile. cannot meh?)

This poster is so cool.

Monday, September 19, 2005


Saw this advert at the Changi Airport T2 Starbucks.

cute don't u think?

Hilarious RAMBOTAN

I was just wandering through Finicky Feline's blog and then on to Scarlett Ting's and ended up at Sassyjan's.

While I was there I chanced upon her farewell post to a fellow blogger and a link to his blog and it was there that I stumbled upon this little treasure.

Captian Planet! He's our hero! NOT!!!

I sure did enjoy and I hope you do too.

For those that actually like this lameass cartoon, er... it's a free country.(?)

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Games and dreams

Def Jam, Fight for NY is the game most recently purchased by my man for his XBOX.

Very fun, sooo interesting.

You get to create your own character. And I mean CREATE, as in you choose how tall, what skin and eye colour he has, what kinda head shape, build, hairstlye, facial features. Damn cool.

When you win fights you win $ to go shopping for stuff. And there's loads of stuff to buy. Shirts, t-shirts, jackets, jerseys, jeans. track pants, berms, accessories like hats, visors, sunglasses, even jewellery and tatts, the works. I was very impressed.

The music's damn happenin too.

The game it's self was not a let down either. Difficult moves that are not impossible to master with practice and it ain't easy to win a fight. This is what I gather from watching my man play. As i a mega clutz there's no way i would be able to survive even 1 match. But it is immensely fun to watch. (for me anyways.)

I've been watching him play this game almost every night since he got it.

So much so I've been having dreams of which I can't recall the content. Only things I seem to be able to remember is that it is always night time, there are lots of good looking, muscular animation guys around and rap music blaring in the background.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Raised in a barn.

Was on the bus on my way home and as the bus neared my stop, I got up and headed for the exit.

On my way to the exit this guy walked towards me and was trying to make his way pass me. And in doing so blocked my path completely. I had to inch and squeeze pass him. After I made it to the door, I turned back to see the twit seated at what was my seat a while ago. All that rushing just to get a seat on the bus. Could the idiot not wait for me to walk pass first? ARGH!

Really makes you wonder what kinda society we are living in. We see this kind of behaviour everywhere.

On MRT trains people rush and squeeze in before the communters that are in the train can even make it out. I've seen parents shoving their kids to the front of the line.

There are boxes marked out on the floors in which people waiting for the train are supose to stand in. No one bothers. These same type of boxes are marked out on the floor in front of the sky trains at the airport too but no one pays attention to those either.

Even while standing in line for the bus at the airport you can see idiots standing near the front of the line and refusing the join the queue. They rush to the door of the bus as it arrivers and cut in front of all those that are already in line.

Is it really the Singapore way to behave this way and when will it stop? Only when fines are imposed for such behaviour?

Singapore got no barns as far as I know but these people sure act like they were raised in one.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Stupid People

Stupid people should be shot, a friend once remarked to me.

Another friend told me, "ren ben, mei yao jiu" (there's no medication to treat stupidity).

I have to agree.

We've all come across them and been annoyed by them before.

The big group of friends/relatives that stop right in front of the escalator to discuss whether to go on the damn escalator or not while blocking everyone trying to get on/off the damn thing.

I mean if a dumb person endangers him/herself and his/her friends and/or relatives and only them, that is fine by me. But I draw the line when their acts of stupidity endanger me or those close to me.

Then there are the less harmful ones that just annoy the shit outta you. They're like the mosquitoes that bite you but do not give you dengue.

This kind of stupid people say the stupidest things REPEATEDLY. You often wonder if they are hard of hearing or brian dead or both. This would explain why they feel the need to repeat themselves, repetitvely. They say things like, "Can I ask you something?" Geez dude/dudette, you just did. (??)

Pardon my ranting.

It's been a long day and it's gonna be another long day tomorrow.


Heard a guy on the bus today say skype (sky-pey).
Wah lao! Made me think of skippy (peanut butter).

Thursday, September 15, 2005

So exciting

I just can't wait to catch this movie!

I absolutely love the art work.

Kooky and a tad bit scary at the same time.

Should have seen the ruckus I made when I saw the poster.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Another meal at Billy Bomber's

Went to watch the longest yard with my target twin and her mum today.

Yes. I've seen it twice. I think it is that funny and worth watching twice.
And Nelly is sooo HOT.

After the movie we went to eat at Billy Bomber's. Yes, I know I complained about my last meal there but I was willing to give them another chance cuz of all the great meals I had there before.

This time I oredered the all star burger which was great! My target twin had honey stung chicken and her mum had a very small but hearty bowll of chilli which my target twin and I ended up devouring. (her mum has a small appetite. what did you expect us to do? waste food? that was kick ass chilli, ok!)

my target twin & her mum.

me with my all star burger. yummy!

my target twin with her spider (fancy name for coke float).

After dinner we just sat around for a while chatting and I happened to look up and saw these

Are they not the one kind of the pathetic? Wah lao eh! My target twin suspects that these have been up since the 4th of July. Due to the colour of the balloons and the fact that we are in what is suppose to be an american diner I agree with her. But what is up with the white, blue and pink combo I have no idea.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Mystery solved

I have colonies of pimples not cuz I have some adverse psychological fear of working out that manifests itself in the form of pimple clusters all over my face.

I have colonies of pimples cuz it is that time of the month.

Yes, you guessed it.

The much feared and dreaded PMS bitch-witch has paid me a visit.

My man should temporarily be known as my POOR man.
But he puts up with me just the same.

At least my epsiodes are not as extreme as Finicky Feline's or Minishorts.
My target twin gets all weepy and hyper sensitive when PMS bitch-witch pays her a visit.

Poor them.

Poor me.

Poor us.

We women go though all this so we can produce younglings to take on the last name of the men we marry.

They had better bloody worship the bloody ground we walk on.

You guys so very manly? You try popping something the size of a watermelon out a hole the size of a lemon and see how you feel afterwards. NB! You think very easy is it? Since so easy, you do lah!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Miscommunication & other such pesky issues

Don't you just hate it when people don't get/misunderstand what you say/text?

Since when does "if you don't mind, I won't wait for you" translate to "I don't mind waiting for you."

And since I am the author would I not know what I meant?

Of course being Asians we'd rather die than cause any trouble. So we let this misunderstanding slide while going around telling everyone else who is not involved but knows both parties involved what "actually transpired."

I am straight forward and a very truthful person. (ok, ok, blunt person. happy now?)

I'd much rather you tell me what you read/heard/understood so I can explain/clarify if there is a need for me to do so.

Rather not have this silence while remaining friends and keeping the peace shit.

Not happy say lah! Wah lao! Life already so short. Pressure people with meaningless shit like this. You not happy, I not happy, everybody lose what.


And since I am ranting let me ponder upon this issue.

Why do people who are attending but not planning an event feel it is their God given right to make life hell for the person who is planning it?

I am talking about social event, like a get together or birthday bash. Not like a launch of some product where I am the organiser and I got some big wig customer to please.

I am very good at organising such social events or so my friends tell me.

My target twin says she's just to laid back and would forget to mention something important like venue or miss out some important people. To quote my man, "only you can move the masses."

Truth of the matter is the rest of my motley crew are just too lazy or have just gotten use to me doing the organising so they just sit back and enjoy.

Don't get me wrong I like organising such events but some times the people involved are just dying to be smacked.

They say things like, "Eeeyyuuurr! Why go to ABC for drinks? Why not HJK?"(by the way, usually this person is the ONLY person that likes HJK.) Then someone else will say, "HJK where got nice? Drinks again so boring." So I will ask, "Where would they suggest we go?" Best replied received so far, "How should I know?" At this point Brendywendy feels like saying,

"K one K lah, you stupid freaking bitch! You only kow how to critisize izzit? Can't you come up with a suggestion or an alternative? F**K YOU PLENTY PLENTY OK?!?! So easy to plan fun, exciting, refreshing outing then you do lah!"

But of course I do not. I perservere.

People planning outing to get together, have fun and enjoy each other's company. Not so other people can plan to some how put cyanide in my food/drink/both foor & drink when no one is watching so they can watch me die a painful death without getting fingered for my murder.

One day I WILL snap.

Then I will blog about it and you can see what happens.

Do they have internet in jail here? Will i be allowed to blog?

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Mooncake and a major asswipe

Was late for work this morning. Overselpt. Completely did not hear my alarm. I only woke up when my officer called me at 5.50am (i was suppose to start at 5.30am). the officer asked what time I'd be able to get in and I told them by 6.30am this officer then told me to call and inform the Duty manager.

This partiular duty manager is an asswipe and is full of shit n full of himself. I shall henceforth refer to him as F.O.S.

So i called F.O.S. and told him I had overslept and that I would be rushing to work. He replied that I am forever late. I was so fed up cuz I am not forever late. I may not be a mofel/perfect worker and I have been late many occassions in the past but it has been months since I reported late for work and so upon hearing his accusations I snapped and told him that I had not been late for months. He told me that I am in the wrong so don't answer back. That was the last straw. I just hung up on him. How he manages to stay employed I have no idea. The staff can;t stand him and even the other managers detest him.

yuk! On a nicer note.

After work I went to meet my best friend Lin for lunch and then she help me get mooncakes at a discounted price. So happy. Am gonna go devour a snow skin one now.

*smacking lips and rubbing hands togther in glee*

Great movie and crappy service

and a horrid dinner thrown in for good measure.


My man and I were both off today so we decided to watch The Longest Yard, starring Burt reynolds, Adam Sandler and Chris Rock. Even rapper Nelly's in it.

It's a remake of an old show in which Burt Reynold's was the lead. that's damn funny shit man. My man enjoyed it so much he wants to go and catch it again.

We had dinner at Billy Bombers. For the first time ever, I had a bad experience there. I look forward to eating there most of the time. Let's just say the meal i had on this particular night was less than satisfactory. It had me sulking thoughout dinner, all the way till the movie started. Talk about feeling unfulfilled. My man jept saying sorry cuz he saw how much I was suffering through the entire meal, if one could call that a meal.

To make matters worse the management of Century Square had planned a ladies night at their shopping centre. Correct me if I am wrong, is that not the dumbest idea ever? They actually had security people posted at all entrances stopping male shoppers from entering.

security : sorry sir you cannot come in.
guy shopper : why ah?
security : ladies night at century square.
guy shopper : huh! ?!? you ok or not? this one shopping centre leh, not disco.
security : you cannot come in cuz you are male not female. ladies night only for ladies.
guy shopper : so men no need to shop lah? your boss got so much $ only need to make $ from girls izzit?
security : ...
guy shopper : then my wife go inside i stay outside do what?
security : ... (again)
guy shopper : aiyah! forget it! *turns to wife* come! we go and spend plenty $ in tampines mall. bloody idiot people. make what nonsense ladies night.

The entire time we were in Billy Bombers we barely hear our own thought as glen ong and the flying dutchman kept yelling to all the ladies about this ladies night and telling the guys to get out. they claim there was a marquee set up outside with free beer. I saw no such marquee (maybe latest technology, invisible one).

After dinner, while making our way out of Century Square we saw the saddest, lamest performance of the village people's YMCA. Wah lao! Even kampong people also tak jadi. It was fine that the guys performing looked gay, one would expect them to be, but, not even hunky or good looking. What a let down.

We finally got to Tampines mall and on our way to the GV there i popped in to the music junction to buy some vcds. I was pleased to find three movies I had been looking for and they were all on offer.

Off I went to pay at the cashier. After she had rung up the register and gotten the credit card printout for me to sign I saw another movie I wanted to get and asked to have it added to the bill. She just looked at me in annoyance. I told her I'd be happy to sign two bills and all she had to do was take my last minute purchase as another transaction. She pointed at a sign on the counter, "minimum $35 purchase required f0r credi card transcation." So I told her to void the current credit card charge slip and draw a new one and do the same thing for the bill. She said not possible and told me to pay cash or nets if i wanna buy the last minute addition. I was so fed up that i told her forget it. I signed the slip for my original items and left.

I have yet to write in a complaint letter. I will do so on my next off day.

I can't believe that cashier would rather lose my additional and future business than to put in a little extra effort to ring up the entire purchase again. Wouldn't you love for her to be working for you?

According to my target twin the people in that shop have a very "one kind" attitude. See how one kind they are when their boss gets my stinky poo complaint letter.

Thank goodness the show was great and so I did not feel so shitty at the end of the night.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Working out gives you zits?

I am really starting to wonder if this is true, in my case anyway.

I've been taking the staircases up and down to my apartment.
Been to the gym. And ever since I've stepped up my effort to increase physical activity I've gotten five zits.


Attempt loosing weight also end up with skin probem.

Talk about arse luck.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Second tortutre session



I made it for my second gym session today.

I am exhausted. And I hurt everywhere. Sigh. But I made it. I was so close to not going, I tell you. I had been up late the night before and was very tired when I got up in the morning. Nonetheless I made it.

Now... where on earth is that big bag of ruffles.


This is Ray.
Today is Ray's birthday. I am so glad to have befriended such a great guy. And I just wanna say...

Happy Birthday You Silly Silly Boy!



Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Happy Birthday Target Twin

As the title suggests this is a special birthday post to a special birthday girl.

Happy Birthday Girly!

Love Always,

your target twin.