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Friday, September 16, 2005

Stupid People

Stupid people should be shot, a friend once remarked to me.

Another friend told me, "ren ben, mei yao jiu" (there's no medication to treat stupidity).

I have to agree.

We've all come across them and been annoyed by them before.

The big group of friends/relatives that stop right in front of the escalator to discuss whether to go on the damn escalator or not while blocking everyone trying to get on/off the damn thing.

I mean if a dumb person endangers him/herself and his/her friends and/or relatives and only them, that is fine by me. But I draw the line when their acts of stupidity endanger me or those close to me.

Then there are the less harmful ones that just annoy the shit outta you. They're like the mosquitoes that bite you but do not give you dengue.

This kind of stupid people say the stupidest things REPEATEDLY. You often wonder if they are hard of hearing or brian dead or both. This would explain why they feel the need to repeat themselves, repetitvely. They say things like, "Can I ask you something?" Geez dude/dudette, you just did. (??)

Pardon my ranting.

It's been a long day and it's gonna be another long day tomorrow.


Heard a guy on the bus today say skype (sky-pey).
Wah lao! Made me think of skippy (peanut butter).


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