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Monday, September 26, 2005

Spa getaway

Finally! I went to Batam today and since my wrist is feeling much better thanks to the act-q-patch I got to fully enjoy a full body massage.

I was to meet my traget twin and some other friends from work at Harbour Front at 7.30am. Needless to say we were all late except for the guy in our group. (typical) The last person arrived at 8.30am and we ahd brekkie at Mac's while lizzy got us checked in to the 9.10am ferry to batam.

the lovely people I went to batam with.

And this time I took a new ferry I'd never heard of before, the wavemaster. According to the only guy there, lizzy's fiance, this ferry is much faster than the one I took on my previous spa getaway trip.

Maybe it was the great company on board that makes me incline to agree. The ferry ride was over in no time.

We came back on the wavemaster 8. Maybe I should but 4D, 5858. Hmmm....

We normally got to this spa called Mustika Ratu but we heard that the owner of Mustika Ratu had opened a new spa called Tiara Mustika which we were all itching to try out. So off we went to the new spa. I must say the place is very nice.

They have so many packages to choose from but by far the most popular one is the one my target twin and I took.

310,000 rupiah gets you...

a full body massage with aromatheraphy oil, followed by a full body scrub and a full body mask. And to top it all off a lovely soak in the bathtub with your choice of Milk bath, Herbal bath or Sea Salt bath.

My target twin and I chose the sea salt bath that's to relax the entire body. And we chose to have a couple room. Good thing I am almost blind without my specs so I did not get blinded by any of her juicy bits.

I also got a facial for 115,000 rupiah which includes the tea tree mask treatment as opposed to their run of the mill mask. I figured my face had not been pampered for too damn long. Normal facial cost about 75,000 rupiah (i think so).

And last but definitely not least I got a manicure (50,000 rupiah) and a pedicure (55,000 rupiah). Dirt cheap by Singapore standards. We ordered in lunch from a cafe near by. We all had nasi goreng and I had an ice blended mocha something or other. Food and drink cost me only 33,000 rupiah inclusive of tax.

Before I continue I must say that we got quite a scare on arrival. My target twin got stopped by immigrationas her passport was valid for less than 6 months. I was petrified that she might have to go home and not get to ejoy the spa with us. In the end the immigration let us through with a small fine. Phew! So all those going to any part of Indonesia, be warned! Passports in general need to be valid a minimum of 6 months. Indonesia is one of the countries that enforces this law. We were very fortunate that the immigration guy let us through. He could very well have denied my target twin entry and there's nothing anyone could have done about it.

After all the soaking and pampering we headed to batam centre, the newest mall on batam and did a bit of shopping and had....

A & W's

Talk about yummy man, But my chicken strip one kind of the small lor.

Anyway, shopping at the new mall is great. Got a blouse from Matahari for 55,900 rupiah after 30% discount. I didn't even know there was a discount till i reached the cashier. That's SGD$9.23 leh!

After eating and a little bit of shopping we hurried yet again to catch the ferry. We were planning to catch the 8pm (batam time) ferry but thank goodness lizzy's darling went to check out the timings first. Seems we could only get on the 7pm or 9.40pm ferry. So we chose the former.

my target twin feeling rawkalicious on the ferry ride back home.

On the ferry i noticed this sign...

When i first saw it I thought it was a sign for the loo. The pic on the left look like jamban (squatting pan) mah. When I told my target twin she could not stop laughing.

see these two acting cute. and notice how we are taking garuda back home from batam. ahahahahaha!!

It was a splendid day trip with great food, massages, pampering and company of course.

I miss it already. Think i'll go text my target twin and try to make to arrange the next trip. :)


  • At 13 February, 2007 16:19, Anonymous sugu said…


    May i know the address of the spa place in batam..if u dont mind. I wld like to try it when i go to batam tis weekend

  • At 11 October, 2009 14:34, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    may i also know e locayion/address of mustika ratu at batam pls?

  • At 10 December, 2014 00:13, Blogger Christie Joy said…

    Nagoya city centre blk k no 6!!
    Find them on fb as mustika ratu spa batAm ! Make sure you book appt as they are always crowded


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