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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Mooncake and a major asswipe

Was late for work this morning. Overselpt. Completely did not hear my alarm. I only woke up when my officer called me at 5.50am (i was suppose to start at 5.30am). the officer asked what time I'd be able to get in and I told them by 6.30am this officer then told me to call and inform the Duty manager.

This partiular duty manager is an asswipe and is full of shit n full of himself. I shall henceforth refer to him as F.O.S.

So i called F.O.S. and told him I had overslept and that I would be rushing to work. He replied that I am forever late. I was so fed up cuz I am not forever late. I may not be a mofel/perfect worker and I have been late many occassions in the past but it has been months since I reported late for work and so upon hearing his accusations I snapped and told him that I had not been late for months. He told me that I am in the wrong so don't answer back. That was the last straw. I just hung up on him. How he manages to stay employed I have no idea. The staff can;t stand him and even the other managers detest him.

yuk! On a nicer note.

After work I went to meet my best friend Lin for lunch and then she help me get mooncakes at a discounted price. So happy. Am gonna go devour a snow skin one now.

*smacking lips and rubbing hands togther in glee*


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