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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Another meal at Billy Bomber's

Went to watch the longest yard with my target twin and her mum today.

Yes. I've seen it twice. I think it is that funny and worth watching twice.
And Nelly is sooo HOT.

After the movie we went to eat at Billy Bomber's. Yes, I know I complained about my last meal there but I was willing to give them another chance cuz of all the great meals I had there before.

This time I oredered the all star burger which was great! My target twin had honey stung chicken and her mum had a very small but hearty bowll of chilli which my target twin and I ended up devouring. (her mum has a small appetite. what did you expect us to do? waste food? that was kick ass chilli, ok!)

my target twin & her mum.

me with my all star burger. yummy!

my target twin with her spider (fancy name for coke float).

After dinner we just sat around for a while chatting and I happened to look up and saw these

Are they not the one kind of the pathetic? Wah lao eh! My target twin suspects that these have been up since the 4th of July. Due to the colour of the balloons and the fact that we are in what is suppose to be an american diner I agree with her. But what is up with the white, blue and pink combo I have no idea.


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