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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Great movie and crappy service

and a horrid dinner thrown in for good measure.


My man and I were both off today so we decided to watch The Longest Yard, starring Burt reynolds, Adam Sandler and Chris Rock. Even rapper Nelly's in it.

It's a remake of an old show in which Burt Reynold's was the lead. that's damn funny shit man. My man enjoyed it so much he wants to go and catch it again.

We had dinner at Billy Bombers. For the first time ever, I had a bad experience there. I look forward to eating there most of the time. Let's just say the meal i had on this particular night was less than satisfactory. It had me sulking thoughout dinner, all the way till the movie started. Talk about feeling unfulfilled. My man jept saying sorry cuz he saw how much I was suffering through the entire meal, if one could call that a meal.

To make matters worse the management of Century Square had planned a ladies night at their shopping centre. Correct me if I am wrong, is that not the dumbest idea ever? They actually had security people posted at all entrances stopping male shoppers from entering.

security : sorry sir you cannot come in.
guy shopper : why ah?
security : ladies night at century square.
guy shopper : huh! ?!? you ok or not? this one shopping centre leh, not disco.
security : you cannot come in cuz you are male not female. ladies night only for ladies.
guy shopper : so men no need to shop lah? your boss got so much $ only need to make $ from girls izzit?
security : ...
guy shopper : then my wife go inside i stay outside do what?
security : ... (again)
guy shopper : aiyah! forget it! *turns to wife* come! we go and spend plenty $ in tampines mall. bloody idiot people. make what nonsense ladies night.

The entire time we were in Billy Bombers we barely hear our own thought as glen ong and the flying dutchman kept yelling to all the ladies about this ladies night and telling the guys to get out. they claim there was a marquee set up outside with free beer. I saw no such marquee (maybe latest technology, invisible one).

After dinner, while making our way out of Century Square we saw the saddest, lamest performance of the village people's YMCA. Wah lao! Even kampong people also tak jadi. It was fine that the guys performing looked gay, one would expect them to be, but, not even hunky or good looking. What a let down.

We finally got to Tampines mall and on our way to the GV there i popped in to the music junction to buy some vcds. I was pleased to find three movies I had been looking for and they were all on offer.

Off I went to pay at the cashier. After she had rung up the register and gotten the credit card printout for me to sign I saw another movie I wanted to get and asked to have it added to the bill. She just looked at me in annoyance. I told her I'd be happy to sign two bills and all she had to do was take my last minute purchase as another transaction. She pointed at a sign on the counter, "minimum $35 purchase required f0r credi card transcation." So I told her to void the current credit card charge slip and draw a new one and do the same thing for the bill. She said not possible and told me to pay cash or nets if i wanna buy the last minute addition. I was so fed up that i told her forget it. I signed the slip for my original items and left.

I have yet to write in a complaint letter. I will do so on my next off day.

I can't believe that cashier would rather lose my additional and future business than to put in a little extra effort to ring up the entire purchase again. Wouldn't you love for her to be working for you?

According to my target twin the people in that shop have a very "one kind" attitude. See how one kind they are when their boss gets my stinky poo complaint letter.

Thank goodness the show was great and so I did not feel so shitty at the end of the night.


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  • At 14 September, 2005 13:20, Blogger Postmaster-General said…

    billy bombers reminds me of johnny rockets, except that BB has merchandise. Comment spam... Heh... Atlanta escorts... =P You pimping?

  • At 14 September, 2005 22:03, Blogger brendywendy said…

    PMG>>Eh hello!
    I not pimping lah. unless it's legalised here and i can earn major $! ha ha ha!

    lazy wanna delete lah. n i so sian cuz all my post like no 1 read cuz no 1 comment. make me feel so unloved. SOB!

    er... the wanting to make $ from this particular kind of involvement is a joke. in case u could not tell.

  • At 14 September, 2005 22:06, Blogger brendywendy said…

    PMG>>>I've never been to johnny rockets? Good? better than BB's? I took a photo with 1 of their signs once but that was just cuz it was such a pweettyy sign.


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