Weddy's War Zone

Monday, October 31, 2005

Stupid Ideas Abound

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Step aside Liv Tyler

You are the Elf of Wealth. Gold, wealth, happyness
are important in your Kingdom. The people in
your kingdom are all wealthy and happy. Make
sure you don't overdo it, Love isn't the same
as money.

What kind of Elf are you?
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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Regal Am Aye

Fire Fairy
You are a Fire Queen. You are a Brave warroir and
you know how to fight for yourselve and your
kingdom. Your kingdom is very strong and
wealthy. You might get in some wars but mostly
you win and you fear nothing!

What kind of Queen are you?
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Friday, October 28, 2005

Swensen's staff wanna die

Tonight my man came to pick me after work to have dinner nd we decided on Swensen's at the airport.

It started out as quite an enjoyable evening. We got there and my man was pleasantly surprised at the variety of food available.

Just a short while after we had ordered a guy came in and was shown to then table next to us. He had on a shirt that was similar orange colour as the Swensen's uniform. Just that it was a shirt and not a t-shirt and it was a tone or two darker. I noticed this cuz I was wondering why a Swensen's staff came and plonked himself at the table next to mine while he was on duty (he was carrying a clipboard at the time).

He ordered a drink and awhile later he just got up and walked out of the restaurant. Leaving his bag on the seat right next to me.

Needless to say I was none to pleased at this. Come on man! We are in the freaking airport. What better place for terrorists to strike?!!?

The guy was gone for at least 20mins. My man and I eyed the damn bag suspiciously. I could see the guy who owned the bag outside the restaurant, standing a bit away and waiting or loitering or doing I do not know what. While my man and I were discussing what to do, Ii saw the fucker up and walk out of the airport terminal.

This was when my man lost his patience. All the while the service staff are walking around and they I saw that quite a few of them noticed the clipboard on the table, the milkshake this guy ordered that was just sitting there melting away and the abandoned bag but no one came to ask us anything about it. Everyone had the "pretend never see" attitude.

I called on the manager and my man told her that the guy who owned the bag has been gone from the restaurant for over 20mins. She nodded and left. Few minutes later a waitress came up to our table and muttered, "this customer say oredi he go toilet." and promptly walked off.

WHAT THE FUCK IS that guy doing? He went to use the toilet or clean the toilet?

I was mega pissed by now and just as I was about to insist they remove the bag and place it behind the cashier area the fucker came back. He sat himself down, had a sip of his drink and in less than 3mins he stood up and walked out of the restaurant again. I watched him this time. He didn't inform any of the staff that he was going out and he didn't seem to care that there would be no one at the table looking after his stuff.

He was gone for about 5mins and then he came back and wouldn't you know it, aftr another 7mins he did a repeat performance. This time of course he did not bother notifying the staff either.

No one bated and eyelid.

This proves to me that the service staff and management in this restaurant does not give a damn for the safety of their customers or of their staff and it is run by a bunch of morons. Even though they work in the airport and they gotta listen to the damn public announcement that tells people not to leave their belongings unattened they just ignored that bag.

If it was indeed a bomb we would all be dead.

I was right next to that fucking bag. Such irresponsible behaviour.

I dread to think of the outcome if a real terrorist incident were to occur here. Everyone would be so fucking dead.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Vermont's finest


I cannot imagine that I was such a dufus not to post this together with the post I did yesterday.

After I finished with ada the fantastic seamstress that is making my gorgeous bridesmaid dress my man and I headed down to Marina Sqaure for Carl's Jr. (Yes i know, what a great way to lose weight brendywendy. SHADDUP oredi! Who asked you anyway?)

Anyway after our very satisfying meal we started to wander around the newly renovated Marina Sqaure.

We were walking along when this guy walked past us and suddenly said in a really loud voice, "PSYCHO!"

Gave me and the girl in front of us such a fright we literally stopped dead in our tracks. My man turned to look at who he was talking to and told me that the weirdo was talking to himself. I said rather loudly, "Psycho??!! Look who's talking!" as we walked off. What is up with me and attracting mad people in public places?

Anyways, we soon found ourselves in Suntec city and while strolling around I happened to look downstairs to the 1st floor and saw this familiar sign

Needless to say I started jumping up and down excitedly and dragged my man down to the shop.

It did not matter that I had just eaten a wonderful and extremely filling meal. I just HAD to have Ben & Jerry's.

Of course before entering I made my man take a pic of me in front of the shop.

I must say I love the coziness of the place. Or maybe it's just that I really like their ice cream. But i digress, there were so many flavours to choose from that i was at a loss which to pick. It wasn't a tremendous amount but I guess I was overwhelmed as many flavours are new to me. I picked Dublin Mudslide in the end and it was HEAVENLY (as expected).

The service staff were friendly and very good at their job (tempting people to sample and buy the ice cream). My man was so full from the meal at Carl's Jr that he told me he would not be having any ice cream. But the two service staff manage to tempt him into tasting a tiny spoonful of Dublin Mudslide. And they obligingly posed for a pic too. How sweet of them.

ben & jerry's 3

As usual they asked my man if he is Singaporean and were quite surprise when he said he was.

My man was so evil. Took many pics with his mobile and sent it to my target twin.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Time to wash the bedding

As i have predicted my period was just around the corner. In actual fact it is already here.

It arrived this morning. WHILE I WAS SLEEPING.

So now u know why it is time for me to wash my bedding.

Friggit! As if I do not have enough shit to worry about.

I got caught in a slight drizzle and am now suffering from a light case of the sniffles.

This is not good. Got a halloween party to attend on the 31st and after work today I gotta go for my bridesmaid's dress fitting. Hope i manage to fit into the damn thing. Gotta get a corset.


I am so fat.


YAY !!!

I am so releived. The dress fits. In fact it looks quite good. Still think I look fat though. But, at least there's a gorgeous shawl to cover up my babat.

Hope I don't make any of the guests nauseous.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005



Achy all over


Short Tempered


Assets tender

Skin feels so oily


the PMS bitch-witch is back.

this time it's really bad.

i snapped at my target twin even.

now i feel evil.

maybe I should go kill some annoying children.

maybe then i won't feel so uptight.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Jumper at Orchard Cineleisure

A man jumped off the third floor of Orchard Cineleisure.
I really wonder what was up with that dude.

More on this here

Sunday, October 23, 2005


There are 5 Things going on simultaneously which need to be taken care of:

1. The telephone is ringing.
2. The baby is crying.
3. A visitor knocks at the front door or doorbell rings.
4. There is laundry hanging on the line and it begins to rain.
5. The water tap in the kitchen is running.

In what order would you take care of the problems?
Jot down the order in which YOU would handle things, then scroll down after you've made your decisions.
Each decision will represent how you look at your life.

1. The phone represents JOB/CAREER.
2. The baby represents FAMILY.
3. The visitor represents FRIENDS.
4. The laundry (believe it or not) represents your spouse
5. The running water represents MONEY/WEALTH.

Makes you think, eh?
How closely did your answers come to stating your priorities in life?

I picked


What did you pick?

received via email 17 Oct 2005

Saturday, October 22, 2005


I got paid!!!!

And in preparation for my big trip to Melbourne at the end of the year (going to be bridesmaid) I went to get acrylic nails done. They are fantastic! Cuz they are so hard (unlike my actual nails).

I went back to Nail Buzz to have Jacky do my nails. Cuz she is the BEST!
Her shop is in Far East Plaza, 4th floor.

my scary empress dowager nails. this is the first step.

me acting cute with my scary nails.

Thank God jacky puts up with my nonsense.

end product. so lovely. :)

I did a pedicure too. But I am too lazy to take photos.

I also went shopping. Got myself this lovely watch.

The little shop I got it from called Wrist (also in Far East Plaza). There was an old guy in the shop. He is the boss. He's got some very nice stuff and he is nice and polite and very helpful. Which is important to me since I am also in the customer service line.

Spent the rest of the day walking around with my man.

Before we headed for home I decided to go to the loo since we had a really long bus ride ahead of us. I chose to use the restroom at the Hyatt (yes, I am a loo snob. so sue me).

When I was done I came out to find my man making conversation with the hotel security personnel and staring at this hummer parked outside the hotel. Later I found out that it belonged to the Sultan of Johore. I should've known since the license plate said "JOHOR".

Damn nice sial his car.

But my man was kinda puzzled why the one we saw outside Hyatt looked a tad bit smaller than the one his Aunt in the states owns. He kept asking me if i find that this hummer looked smaller. Finally got so fed up with him I told him to get the keys, open the door and let me stand in the damn thing and then I can tell him if it is indeed smaller. To which he replied he'd rather not be beaten to death by the Sultan's bodyguards.

Friday, October 21, 2005


received via email on 20 Oct 2005

Thursday, October 20, 2005


Now you know why Valuair cabin crew wear pants.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


got this from Postmaster General who got it from Lancerlord

My blog is worth $2,258.16.
How much is your blog worth?

I worth so much meh?

Hmmmm.... Very interesting.

Poor Lancerlord he is worth $0.00.
(i think he bluff people wan. maybe he scared people rob his blog??!!)

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Oldie but still a fav of mine

President Bush was visiting a primary school and he visited one of the classes.

They were in the middle of a discussion related to words and their meanings.

The teacher asked the President if he would like to lead the discussion on the word "tragedy".
So the illustrious leader asked the class for an example of a "tragedy".

One little boy stood up and offered: "If my best friend, who lives on a farm, is playing in the field and a tractor runs over him and kills him, that would be a tragedy."

"No," said Bush, "that would be an accident."

A little girl raised her hand: "If a school bus carrying 50 children drove over a cliff, killing everyone inside, that would be a tragedy."

"I'm afraid not," explained the president. "That's what we would call a great loss."

The room went silent.
No other children volunteered.

Bush searched the room.
"Isn't there someone here who can give me an example of a tragedy?"

Finally at the back of the room a small boy (Lil Johnny) raised his hand.
In a quiet voice he said: "If Air Force one carrying you and Mrs. Bush was struck by a "friendly fire" missile and blown to smithereens, that would be a tragedy."

"Fantastic!" exclaimed Bush. "That's right. And can you tell me why that would be tragedy?"

"Well," says Lil Johnny, "It has to be a tragedy, because it sure as hell wouldn't be a great loss and it probably wouldn't be an accident either."

Monday, October 17, 2005

Edible Art

These are gorgeous.

Even if I knew that they were yummy I really don'th think I'd have the heart to eat them at the end of the day.


received by email on 17Oct2005

Gotta Light?

Aren't these the coolest?

received vai email on 20 oct 2005


Who said English is easy?

Fill in the following blank with Yes or No

a) ______ I don't have a BRAIN .

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Just plain weird

These are supposedly real buildings Japan. The purpose of which is beyond me.

received via email on 12 Oct 2005


I was just watching America's Next Top Model (recap episode).

There was this segment that they had to pretend to be presentors and it strikes me as rather odd that people who are born and raised in a country that speaks primarily english would not be able to do this (reading off a teleprompter).

Granted it is difficult to look natural and not like you are reading off the damn thing. BUT! These girls were stumbling over words like MAGENTA

and the famous designer label Issey Miyake.

How can any ang moh not know how to pronounce MAGENTA?

And as for the designer label, they are gonna be in the fashion industry how can they not know this brand?

Reminds me of the previous bunch. They had a photo shoot and were modelling for
Isaac Mizrahi. One of the models did not know who he was and even after the photo shoot she could not even pronounce his name. AND HE WAS THERE AT THE DAMN SHOOT! Never malu-ated to death is a miracle lor. I would have if I was her.

Are aspiring models dumb? Maybe only the ones who appear on this program? Or is it that in America if you are pretty enough to be model can oredi?

I hate to stereotype.

They couldn't even say Au revoir for crying out loud.


Saturday, October 15, 2005

Wondeful dinner

It was great to be able to go to church with my mum and my man. It has been so long since we have been able to do that. And we got to go eat dinner at my FAVOURITE peranankan restaurant of all time, Peranakan Inn located at 210 East Coast Road. Just a stones throw away from Holy Family church and opposite possible the greatest zhi cha stall of all time Sin Hoi Sai, or as my friends and I love to call it House of Sin.

It was a fantabulous meal to say the least. Especially since it's been ages since I've eaten there.

We ordered

my favorite ayam sioh (left), chap chye (right) and sambal kangkong (bottom).

and my mum's favourite ngo hiang.

and yummylicious assam prawns.

After dinner we strolled a few stalls down to gina's vadai and bought some home for supper. They are superb. They've even been featured on makansutra.

What a truly great way to end the day. I am definitely happy and content tonight.