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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Miscommunication & other such pesky issues

Don't you just hate it when people don't get/misunderstand what you say/text?

Since when does "if you don't mind, I won't wait for you" translate to "I don't mind waiting for you."

And since I am the author would I not know what I meant?

Of course being Asians we'd rather die than cause any trouble. So we let this misunderstanding slide while going around telling everyone else who is not involved but knows both parties involved what "actually transpired."

I am straight forward and a very truthful person. (ok, ok, blunt person. happy now?)

I'd much rather you tell me what you read/heard/understood so I can explain/clarify if there is a need for me to do so.

Rather not have this silence while remaining friends and keeping the peace shit.

Not happy say lah! Wah lao! Life already so short. Pressure people with meaningless shit like this. You not happy, I not happy, everybody lose what.


And since I am ranting let me ponder upon this issue.

Why do people who are attending but not planning an event feel it is their God given right to make life hell for the person who is planning it?

I am talking about social event, like a get together or birthday bash. Not like a launch of some product where I am the organiser and I got some big wig customer to please.

I am very good at organising such social events or so my friends tell me.

My target twin says she's just to laid back and would forget to mention something important like venue or miss out some important people. To quote my man, "only you can move the masses."

Truth of the matter is the rest of my motley crew are just too lazy or have just gotten use to me doing the organising so they just sit back and enjoy.

Don't get me wrong I like organising such events but some times the people involved are just dying to be smacked.

They say things like, "Eeeyyuuurr! Why go to ABC for drinks? Why not HJK?"(by the way, usually this person is the ONLY person that likes HJK.) Then someone else will say, "HJK where got nice? Drinks again so boring." So I will ask, "Where would they suggest we go?" Best replied received so far, "How should I know?" At this point Brendywendy feels like saying,

"K one K lah, you stupid freaking bitch! You only kow how to critisize izzit? Can't you come up with a suggestion or an alternative? F**K YOU PLENTY PLENTY OK?!?! So easy to plan fun, exciting, refreshing outing then you do lah!"

But of course I do not. I perservere.

People planning outing to get together, have fun and enjoy each other's company. Not so other people can plan to some how put cyanide in my food/drink/both foor & drink when no one is watching so they can watch me die a painful death without getting fingered for my murder.

One day I WILL snap.

Then I will blog about it and you can see what happens.

Do they have internet in jail here? Will i be allowed to blog?


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