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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Raised in a barn.

Was on the bus on my way home and as the bus neared my stop, I got up and headed for the exit.

On my way to the exit this guy walked towards me and was trying to make his way pass me. And in doing so blocked my path completely. I had to inch and squeeze pass him. After I made it to the door, I turned back to see the twit seated at what was my seat a while ago. All that rushing just to get a seat on the bus. Could the idiot not wait for me to walk pass first? ARGH!

Really makes you wonder what kinda society we are living in. We see this kind of behaviour everywhere.

On MRT trains people rush and squeeze in before the communters that are in the train can even make it out. I've seen parents shoving their kids to the front of the line.

There are boxes marked out on the floors in which people waiting for the train are supose to stand in. No one bothers. These same type of boxes are marked out on the floor in front of the sky trains at the airport too but no one pays attention to those either.

Even while standing in line for the bus at the airport you can see idiots standing near the front of the line and refusing the join the queue. They rush to the door of the bus as it arrivers and cut in front of all those that are already in line.

Is it really the Singapore way to behave this way and when will it stop? Only when fines are imposed for such behaviour?

Singapore got no barns as far as I know but these people sure act like they were raised in one.


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