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Friday, September 23, 2005

Strange bread.

I got this MMS from my friend Mo today.

He sees the weirdest things and feels compelled to take pics of the darn stuff and send them to me. I don't mind it all that much actually. At least his subject matter is always interesting and entertaining, if not a bit on the "WTF is that suppose to be" side of things.

I asked him why he always sees this kinda stuff and said that the bread looked like it shat on itself. He promptly replied for me to take a closer look and told me he thinks they resemble penises. I was like, "Thanks Mo! That's all i need to imagine. a whole row of penises for sale."


Once i complained to him via sms about this girl I had the misfortune of standing behind. She squatted down and bent over to pick something up and in the process gave me a full view down her jeans of her ass crack and enlighten me to the fact that she wasn't wearing any undies.

After i sent him that sms he proceeded to bombard my mobile for that entire week with pics of women in super low rise jeans with their ass cracks showing.

What caring friends I have.

As Mo says, "Pain must share!"


  • At 24 September, 2005 05:55, Blogger Anthony said…

    Come to California. Many many low riders - many many not-slim Californians.

    Many many pain. Many many share!

  • At 24 September, 2005 15:32, Blogger brendywendy said…

    your head ah! as if here not enuf pain like that.

    i thot cali is the place where the body beautiful go to? how come got many not slim 1s in low rise?

  • At 24 September, 2005 22:53, Blogger Anthony said…


    You're thinking SOUTH California. Here in Berkeley, people still look normal (though some admittedly look VERY good). The closer you get to LA, the more plastic can be found in bodies.

  • At 25 September, 2005 00:16, Blogger brendywendy said…


    more plastic found in the bodies...

    make them sound like walking tuppaware.

  • At 27 September, 2005 01:03, Blogger eN said…

    Hi weddy, i need a small favour from you. can you please drop me an email?
    Thanks lots! :)


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