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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The night my ma gave me a heart attack.

We went to the airport after watching Brothers Grimm. The plan was to pick my ma up from her most recent trip to Kuala Lumpur.

She had gone on Sunday morning and was to arrive on a Malaysia Airline flight at 8.25pm. After the movie my man and I hung out at Tampines Mall for a while and then headed to the airport.

I have a pass that allows me to enter the transit area and so I headed for the gate at which my ma's flight was to arrive. Last i checked with the airport arrival and departure hotline the flight was confirmed arriving at 8.16pm. So I sat outside the gate observing all the people in the gate that were also waiting for this flight to arrive so they could take the turn-around back to Kuala Lumpur. And I waited, and waited. and waited. I called the arrival and departure hotline four times while waiting. First time I called the arrival time had been pushed back to 8.20pm, then to 8.24pm and then to 8.36pm and the last time I called I was informed that the flight had been delayed and we had to check with the airline. I started to panic. Seeing as all the Malaysia Airline staff were in the gate there was no one to ask about my ma's flight.

I called my man and my target twin and they both told me to keep calm. My target twin even tried to find out why the flight was delayed from the staff at the Malaysia Airline check in counter. All to no avail. A few minutes later I saw a guy in a suit walk over to the gate and motioned to one of the Malaysia Airline staff to come out and discuss something. I quickly rushed over to eavesdrop on the conversation and heard the Malaysia Airline staff say that the flight had returned to Kuala Lumpur International Airport. As this staff left the gate I hurried after him and asked if it was true that the flight had turned back to K.L.I.A and why. He said it was true and they could not land here due to bad weather. Only now did I manage to breathe easy. For those few minutes I had thought the worse, like the plane crashed or what.

Anyways, I went out from the transit area and into the arms of my man. I am sure glad he was there to hold me. My target twin was also there to "hold my hand" and offer me ciggies.

I quickly messaged my mum to let her know that I know that her flight had turned back to K.L.I.A and to call me once she knows her new departure time.

The flight finally got here at 11.26pm.

My poor ma. She had not had dinner before her flight cuz she had expected to be back before 9pm and so by the time she arrived here her gastric was starting up. So we went to have a snack at Polar. Reached home slightly after midnight. I am just glad she is back safe and sound.


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