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Friday, September 23, 2005

Hazards of sparying perfume


on yourself while in a hurry.

I hurt my right wrist this morning. I was running late and i just HAD to use my Victoria's Secret Body Splash. I tried to do this "hand bending every which way and spraying everywhere" manouver, unsuccessfully to say the least. Then I felt something like a tension cable snapping in my wrist area and I knew I was in trouble. The pain i felt seconds after that is like no other. Now my wrist hurts when I bend my hand back towards my forearm. Shite! I was planning to go to Batam with my target twin for a well deserved spa session and now this has to happen.

Went home and tried to have a bath. That was also pure agony. Especially when i tried to dry myself off with a towel. Lucky my man has some of these left over and made me use one.

I smelt like I'd been hanging out in a chinese medicine shop (actually not that bad lah), but I did feel better by the time I got home. Bloody effective, man.
Hope I'll be alright by Monday so I can go for my spa getaway.


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