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Friday, September 30, 2005

I hate drunks!

I hate them, hate them, hate them, hate them!!! ARGH!!!!

Why the hell would a person go out drinking and keep getting drunk time after time after time??

It's as if this person expects time itself on all dimensions would have to come to a stand still and the ENTIRE universe would have to rush to his/her aid!

If you can't hold your fucking liquor then DON"T DRINK!!!!

Or if you are insistent on drinking then know your fucking limits!!!

I drink. I enjoy it. Some of my friends even call me alchy, in jest. Which I don't mind in the least cuz it's true that I enjoy alcohol very very much.

BUT I am not a drunk. Cuz I know my limits.

Sure I may get silly some times and slur when I talk and sometimes even have difficulty walking straight. But this is not a frequent occurance (the difficulty walking straight part i mean).

I have never needed someone to send me home and inconvenience this person by being totally non responsive when questioned on where the fuck I stay and what my fucking unit number is.

And why would I want to get myself into such a state knowing full well what my mum would have to say to the poor sod that brought me home?


Especially the ones that need people to send them home so that the person saving their ass can get the 3rd degree from their parentals, vomit everywhere, are heavy as hell, and do this repeatedly on a FUCKING regular basis.



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