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Friday, October 28, 2005

Swensen's staff wanna die

Tonight my man came to pick me after work to have dinner nd we decided on Swensen's at the airport.

It started out as quite an enjoyable evening. We got there and my man was pleasantly surprised at the variety of food available.

Just a short while after we had ordered a guy came in and was shown to then table next to us. He had on a shirt that was similar orange colour as the Swensen's uniform. Just that it was a shirt and not a t-shirt and it was a tone or two darker. I noticed this cuz I was wondering why a Swensen's staff came and plonked himself at the table next to mine while he was on duty (he was carrying a clipboard at the time).

He ordered a drink and awhile later he just got up and walked out of the restaurant. Leaving his bag on the seat right next to me.

Needless to say I was none to pleased at this. Come on man! We are in the freaking airport. What better place for terrorists to strike?!!?

The guy was gone for at least 20mins. My man and I eyed the damn bag suspiciously. I could see the guy who owned the bag outside the restaurant, standing a bit away and waiting or loitering or doing I do not know what. While my man and I were discussing what to do, Ii saw the fucker up and walk out of the airport terminal.

This was when my man lost his patience. All the while the service staff are walking around and they I saw that quite a few of them noticed the clipboard on the table, the milkshake this guy ordered that was just sitting there melting away and the abandoned bag but no one came to ask us anything about it. Everyone had the "pretend never see" attitude.

I called on the manager and my man told her that the guy who owned the bag has been gone from the restaurant for over 20mins. She nodded and left. Few minutes later a waitress came up to our table and muttered, "this customer say oredi he go toilet." and promptly walked off.

WHAT THE FUCK IS that guy doing? He went to use the toilet or clean the toilet?

I was mega pissed by now and just as I was about to insist they remove the bag and place it behind the cashier area the fucker came back. He sat himself down, had a sip of his drink and in less than 3mins he stood up and walked out of the restaurant again. I watched him this time. He didn't inform any of the staff that he was going out and he didn't seem to care that there would be no one at the table looking after his stuff.

He was gone for about 5mins and then he came back and wouldn't you know it, aftr another 7mins he did a repeat performance. This time of course he did not bother notifying the staff either.

No one bated and eyelid.

This proves to me that the service staff and management in this restaurant does not give a damn for the safety of their customers or of their staff and it is run by a bunch of morons. Even though they work in the airport and they gotta listen to the damn public announcement that tells people not to leave their belongings unattened they just ignored that bag.

If it was indeed a bomb we would all be dead.

I was right next to that fucking bag. Such irresponsible behaviour.

I dread to think of the outcome if a real terrorist incident were to occur here. Everyone would be so fucking dead.


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    Tried to find your email but cannot find.

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