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Saturday, October 22, 2005


I got paid!!!!

And in preparation for my big trip to Melbourne at the end of the year (going to be bridesmaid) I went to get acrylic nails done. They are fantastic! Cuz they are so hard (unlike my actual nails).

I went back to Nail Buzz to have Jacky do my nails. Cuz she is the BEST!
Her shop is in Far East Plaza, 4th floor.

my scary empress dowager nails. this is the first step.

me acting cute with my scary nails.

Thank God jacky puts up with my nonsense.

end product. so lovely. :)

I did a pedicure too. But I am too lazy to take photos.

I also went shopping. Got myself this lovely watch.

The little shop I got it from called Wrist (also in Far East Plaza). There was an old guy in the shop. He is the boss. He's got some very nice stuff and he is nice and polite and very helpful. Which is important to me since I am also in the customer service line.

Spent the rest of the day walking around with my man.

Before we headed for home I decided to go to the loo since we had a really long bus ride ahead of us. I chose to use the restroom at the Hyatt (yes, I am a loo snob. so sue me).

When I was done I came out to find my man making conversation with the hotel security personnel and staring at this hummer parked outside the hotel. Later I found out that it belonged to the Sultan of Johore. I should've known since the license plate said "JOHOR".

Damn nice sial his car.

But my man was kinda puzzled why the one we saw outside Hyatt looked a tad bit smaller than the one his Aunt in the states owns. He kept asking me if i find that this hummer looked smaller. Finally got so fed up with him I told him to get the keys, open the door and let me stand in the damn thing and then I can tell him if it is indeed smaller. To which he replied he'd rather not be beaten to death by the Sultan's bodyguards.


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