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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Time to wash the bedding

As i have predicted my period was just around the corner. In actual fact it is already here.

It arrived this morning. WHILE I WAS SLEEPING.

So now u know why it is time for me to wash my bedding.

Friggit! As if I do not have enough shit to worry about.

I got caught in a slight drizzle and am now suffering from a light case of the sniffles.

This is not good. Got a halloween party to attend on the 31st and after work today I gotta go for my bridesmaid's dress fitting. Hope i manage to fit into the damn thing. Gotta get a corset.


I am so fat.


YAY !!!

I am so releived. The dress fits. In fact it looks quite good. Still think I look fat though. But, at least there's a gorgeous shawl to cover up my babat.

Hope I don't make any of the guests nauseous.


  • At 31 October, 2005 17:12, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    At least you look good in a dress. I still wouldn't be caught dead in one.

  • At 02 November, 2005 17:59, Blogger AfghanAda said…

    Hey gurl... the dress is a real pretty color... err... i understand the circumstances of what made u look the way u look in the pic.

    ***Note to all***
    When she dolls up she damn chio oke! *grinz*

  • At 03 November, 2005 00:38, Blogger brendywendy said…

    with a damn skilful make up artist genghis khan could be chio.

    i am just lucky i found the great and wonderful joyce to do my make up.


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