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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Just plain weird

These are supposedly real buildings Japan. The purpose of which is beyond me.

received via email on 12 Oct 2005


I was just watching America's Next Top Model (recap episode).

There was this segment that they had to pretend to be presentors and it strikes me as rather odd that people who are born and raised in a country that speaks primarily english would not be able to do this (reading off a teleprompter).

Granted it is difficult to look natural and not like you are reading off the damn thing. BUT! These girls were stumbling over words like MAGENTA

and the famous designer label Issey Miyake.

How can any ang moh not know how to pronounce MAGENTA?

And as for the designer label, they are gonna be in the fashion industry how can they not know this brand?

Reminds me of the previous bunch. They had a photo shoot and were modelling for
Isaac Mizrahi. One of the models did not know who he was and even after the photo shoot she could not even pronounce his name. AND HE WAS THERE AT THE DAMN SHOOT! Never malu-ated to death is a miracle lor. I would have if I was her.

Are aspiring models dumb? Maybe only the ones who appear on this program? Or is it that in America if you are pretty enough to be model can oredi?

I hate to stereotype.

They couldn't even say Au revoir for crying out loud.



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