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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Vermont's finest


I cannot imagine that I was such a dufus not to post this together with the post I did yesterday.

After I finished with ada the fantastic seamstress that is making my gorgeous bridesmaid dress my man and I headed down to Marina Sqaure for Carl's Jr. (Yes i know, what a great way to lose weight brendywendy. SHADDUP oredi! Who asked you anyway?)

Anyway after our very satisfying meal we started to wander around the newly renovated Marina Sqaure.

We were walking along when this guy walked past us and suddenly said in a really loud voice, "PSYCHO!"

Gave me and the girl in front of us such a fright we literally stopped dead in our tracks. My man turned to look at who he was talking to and told me that the weirdo was talking to himself. I said rather loudly, "Psycho??!! Look who's talking!" as we walked off. What is up with me and attracting mad people in public places?

Anyways, we soon found ourselves in Suntec city and while strolling around I happened to look downstairs to the 1st floor and saw this familiar sign

Needless to say I started jumping up and down excitedly and dragged my man down to the shop.

It did not matter that I had just eaten a wonderful and extremely filling meal. I just HAD to have Ben & Jerry's.

Of course before entering I made my man take a pic of me in front of the shop.

I must say I love the coziness of the place. Or maybe it's just that I really like their ice cream. But i digress, there were so many flavours to choose from that i was at a loss which to pick. It wasn't a tremendous amount but I guess I was overwhelmed as many flavours are new to me. I picked Dublin Mudslide in the end and it was HEAVENLY (as expected).

The service staff were friendly and very good at their job (tempting people to sample and buy the ice cream). My man was so full from the meal at Carl's Jr that he told me he would not be having any ice cream. But the two service staff manage to tempt him into tasting a tiny spoonful of Dublin Mudslide. And they obligingly posed for a pic too. How sweet of them.

ben & jerry's 3

As usual they asked my man if he is Singaporean and were quite surprise when he said he was.

My man was so evil. Took many pics with his mobile and sent it to my target twin.


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