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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Good Dress Sense

Some people just have none.

So sad. For them primarily.

But for us too.

I wish that they'd stop torturing the rest of us with their bad dress sense.
You know, us, the innocent bystanders, standing by as they walk past in shockingly horrendous outfits.

No need to dress as if one is attending a coronation, but, simple, basic rules like stripes and polkadots don't go together should be taught in shcool.

Erm... fashion etiquette class maybe?

This is a classic example.

The pic is not too clear, BUT trust me when I say she'd be better off using the skirt material to make a stinky pillow for her baby sibling.

In fact, it looks like she used material from an old bolster to make that skirt.

And wassup with that bag?



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