Weddy's War Zone

Wednesday, August 31, 2005


This is Ian.

Ian is like a baby brother to me. I've known him forever. He calls me "jie" (big sis).

When I first got to know him he was a shy teenage boy who seemed petrified of girls, especially older girls. (Yah lah. Especially of me lah. K?! Happy?!)

Who would have thought we'd grow so close and remain friends so many years down the road.

We went to Ice Cold Beer tonight to celebrate Ian finally getting himself a proper job.

This is Rich (in the middle).

Very happy for him cuz he also found himself a job. Double celebration! Wait a minute, this starting to sound like chinese wedding like that.

Some of the other insane peeps that were there.

Arvi & Marvi were also in attendance. Don't ask me why two two must wear black. Maybe some sort of an attempt at dressing like a couple without wanting to be too obvious?

"Triad meeting in progress" is the name of this pic, as so aptly chosen by my Target Twin.


So sleepy. Nitezzz u'all.


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