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Sunday, August 28, 2005

A gift for my man

I didn't go to work today and so my man and I went to get him his anniversary present.

It's a bag. My man loves bags. Thank goodness for him so do I. If not he sure kena nag. He's got loads of them, as do I.

This is the bag he fell in love with.

It's called the vulture and it's from this brand called Magforce international. He saw it on a US site.

Thank God there this shop here called Sheares that he frequents that imports this brand and had this bag in stock. If not we'd have to buy it online and pay for shipping and all that other crap. My man knows one of the guys there and so we got it for $187. Quite a steal actually, compared to what he's paid for some of his other bags. I must say they are well worth it. All the bags he's ever bought last forever (almost) and can hold an extraordinary amount of things.

I still don't know what I want. Actually I want a digicam but the models I like are way too expensive and I don't wanna him to spend that kind of money. I'd be happy with a watch but I haven't seen any that tickle my fancy as yet. Guess I'm just too fussy sometimes (ok, ok, alot of the time).


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