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Monday, August 29, 2005

I got my DIGICAM!!!!

I tell you I have not been this excited to own something since I got my nokia 7610.

It all started with an excursion to Sim Lim Square to get a webcam for my Target Twin for her birthday which is coming up on 6th September. I shan't disclose or dwell on her age as she is already agonising over it.

Since I know diddly squat about webcams and such I recruited my man's help. It was quite easy locating a shop which has an abundant variety of webcams to choose from. After we had picked one out for her and paid my man decided to tempt me by walking in and out of all the electronic goods shops there, and trust me there are plenty in Sim Lim. He kept asking me if I wanted the Panasonic LUMIX FX8 for my anniversary present. Since the last time I asked him to help me look for a digicam I had fallen in love with this particular one. I repeatedly said no and he kept asking me.

Finally, at the third shop he asked the sales assistant the price of the FX8. The guy said it was $699 and that there was a promo going on and the shop was giving away a 256mb memory card with the camera and on top of that Panasonic was having a promo as well and would be giving away an additional 256mb memory card for every Panasonic camera bought. I was quite tempted but the price was still to steep for my liking.

So off we went to the next shop and my man asked the sales assistant for the price of the FX8. I liked the sales guy at this shop instantly, probably cuz he was uber friendly (and cute too). My instincts paid off cuz he quoted us $567 for the FX8. My man got all excited and when he saw the LUMIX FZ5 at the shop and found out that it was going for $699 also with the two 256mb memory card thrown in he was sold. The sales assistant at the other shop had quoted my man $799 for the LUMIX FZ5. And so my man purchased these two cameras on the spot.

my first digicam

my man's FZ5 with the 12x optical zoom.
(so he can take pics of people in Jurong.)

Another reason I liked this sales guy was definitely cuz he flattered me. Vanity is so my downfall.

This is how the conversation went.

sales guy : buy lah. buy for your girlfriend.

my man : this is not my girlfriend. this is my wife.

**sales guy opens his eyes as big as marbles**

sales guy : sure not?! you two marry so young ah?

my man : you guess how old we are lah.

sales guy : you are 25 (to my guy) and you are 21 ( to me).

**i look away and try not to laugh.**

my man : alamak! see lah! now her head swollen. I'm never gonnna hear the end of this.

sales guy : no lah. really. you two look very young. i thought you two still dating.

Cute and a sweet talker. Talk about deadly combination. Fortunately for me I am happily married. If not kena conned to work for free in the shop for this sales guy already lor.

I'm off to take a nap, with my digicam in tow of course.


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