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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


It's my anniversary today.

I did not manage to get an off day but my man is off and he's coming to pick me after work for dinner. We went to Sakae Sushi and ate like piggies.

We still haven't figured out what to get each other though.

My man wants a new digicam, Panasonic DMC-FZ20. Damn ex sial ($800+). He claims it's worth it though cuz it's got 12x zoom and God only knows what else. I asked him what he needed a digicam that had 12x zoom for. Taking pics of people in Jurong ah? (we live in the east.) He laughed. At lease someone appreciates my humour. He doesn't want me to get it for him cuz it's so ex. But I'm at a loss as to what else to get him. Last year I got him a creative MP3 player for our anniversary and this year I got him a pair of Timberland's for his birthday. What am I gonna do?

I want a new digicam too. Got my eye on the Panasonic DMC-FX8 or FX9 but i don't want him to get it for me eother. Granted the price is significantly less than his but it still cost a pretty penny. I do need a watch but i haven't seen one that I like.

Speaking of watches, after dinner we decided to check out this watch shop near by.

Notice that there are no shop assistances in sight, AT ALL!!

We went into the shop to browse. The salesgirl did not not come up to greet us, offer assistance or anything else. Practically ignored us, we were the only two patrons. It's not like there were tens of thousands of people clamering for her "excellent service". All the while the cashier sat behind the register. The salesgirl stood next to the cashier counter with her arms folded, facing us but totally engrossed in whatever conversation was taking place before we had entered. Talk about appaling customer service. At that point in time I realised why there was no one else in the shop. These two could care less if the damn place was set on fire. CCB! I promptly left with my man in tow.

It was straight home for us after that horrid encounter. I'm kinda hard to ignore and I found it hard to believe that anyone could ignore me to begin with. Guess I was wrong.


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