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Monday, August 22, 2005

Carl's Jr

Today my Target Twin and I went to

for the first time ever. I had read about Fincky Feline's outing with Scarlette Ting to this place and all the comments that followed that post made me so curious I just had to check it out. Of course it did not take much to convince my Target Twin to come along.

Found the advert below on the table we sat at. I just love it. So cute. As you can tell by the ashtray beside the handbag in the background we chose the outdoor seating. What to do? Need to smoke mah.

I just love that the food is delivered to you. And that the drinks are free flow. The burgers were huge. I had a pic of me holding the burger up to my face to show exactly how big it was. (covered my whole face, ok! don't play play hor.) But I decided against posting that pic.

Look at the scrumptious chilli cheese fries! *drool*

Once we took a bite of our burgers my Target Twin aptly proclaimed, " THIS IS WHAT A BURGER SHOULD BE." I whole heartedly agree of course. What a waste that we did not manage to finish the fries.

After we had consumed our much anticipated meal (i skipped breakfast for this burger hor) we headed down to

cuz my Target Twin needed to pay her bill. I did not know that you could only make payment by credit card at the main office which is opposite Somerset MRT station.

They had a Koi pond in foyer area, which is a nice touch but someone should do something about changing the water in that pond. The strench was tremendous. Or maybe a change in diet for the fishes if whatever they are excreting is the cause of the pong. It was so bad that my Target Twin said they must be feeding the fishes rotten, garlic burritos. HA!

On the bright side I did see one cute, cultured beng-ish guy using the POSB ATM.

Next stop was to OCBC to pay my credit card bill. You would not believe how irritated I got while waiting in the queue. At one point in time there were three counters that had tellers seated at them and were not attending to customers. What they being distracted by I have no idea. Maybe I was just being my typical, impatient, ancy, Singaporean self. Meaning, I hate to wait in line. Especially when there are people that are suppose to be attending to me and others in the queue but are not doing so for whatever reason.

After an extremely satisfying meal and with our errands completed we left for home.


Time to drift off to the land of nod.


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