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Monday, August 22, 2005

Must Love Dogs

I loved this movie.

I went with my Target Twin who loved it so much she's gonna bug the parentals to get her the vcd.

It was wonderful. Not overly soppy, not full of that dreadedly depressing yearning and longing. You know like in the old school taiwanese soap operas. Leading Man likes Leading Lady and vice versa. They see each other everyday but never strike up a conversation. Something tragic happens and they end up not seeing each other for a million months and only then do they realise they have missed the one for them. Bloody blah, bloody blah, bloody blah... 60 episodes later they meet again, etc etc etc, more tragedy ensues. Finally at epiosde 456 (seems like it anyhow) they get married. And if you are very lucky that is the end of their saga.

This movie was hilarious, light hearted, fun and most of all believable. Of course the fact that the leads are John Cusack and Diane Lane and I get to ogle at Dermot Mulroney are definitely a plus (in fact three pluses) in my book.

The dogs are so cute and their owners too.

The sisters are so believable and so are the other colourful characters.

I adore Christopher Plummer's potrayal as the ever popular dad who brings three dates to Thanksgiving dinner. The touching scene when he tells Sarah (Diane Lane's character) that he's had the love of his life is particularly heart renching. It drove my Target Twin and I to tears. Alas, to have a man say such things of me when I am gone. Twould be too much to ask. I hardly would think myself worthy anyway.

Really great movie. Productions such as these are few and far between. I feel it is so anyways. Maybe someone else will tell me it's crap. Oh well, to each its own.



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