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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Afghan Ada's Birthday

Tomorrow is my Target Twin's birthday and so your's truly went about planning a birthday bash for her. Which proved rather difficult.

My man has friend, Aaron, who was invited to my Target Twin's party. However the nature of Aaron's job requires him to travel very often.

My Target Twin had wanted the party to be on Tuesday, 6th September. Therein lies the problem as Aaron would be outta town on Tuesday. So my Target Twin being the ever obliging person that she is moved heaven and earth to get an earlier shift today just so we could have HER birthday party today so Aaron could attend.

Aaron acting pai seh.

Since I my man and I were both off we met up with some of the party goers for dinner at Marche's before our session at ICB.

my dessert. yummylicious.

barbarian G thoroughly enjoying his grub.

mr & mrs lee.

Will update more pics later. Rest of the pics from ICB are in my man's digicam.

Okie. Here are the rest of the pics.

hello. might i inspect your goods?

hmmm... this calls for closer inspection.

after being inspected the birthday girl was busy stuffing her face. must be exhausting being inspected at such proximity.

the kuai lan brotherhood.

oreo cheese birthday cake from nydc.

having fun with her presents.

glamour rite? i love my new digicam.

It was a great night. I didn't managed to take any pics of the waterfall that arvi got her though, such a pity.


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