Weddy's War Zone

Thursday, October 13, 2005


Anna had wanted to go to Geylang cuz it is Ramadan now and she had heard about the fantastic bazzr and great food that was available there at night only during this month.

So we had asked some other colleagues to go with us but everyone gave half hearted replies. This morning it seemed no one wanted to go so I told Anna we'd have to shelve our plans. Lo and behold half way though my shift I got a call from my target twin asking if I was up for supper since our usual kakis all finish at the same time. It has been a while since we have gone out together so I agreed.

It was a glorious night of food and great conversation. We went to the famous Fengshan 85 market. All cab drivers here know where it is. This place opens till the wee hours of the morning and serves great food and famous bak chor mee.

Once we got there it seemed that the three little girls (pigs) at my table were intent on eating at least half (of not all) of the food on sale there. We were starving and damn enthusiastic.

We had 10 chicken wings, 8 otak otak, 3 bowls of famous chai chee pork porridge (with egg), 1 plate of hokkien mee ($5!!!). It was a pity that the carrot cake shop was closed. And to top it all off we had 2 big ass bottles of Tsing Tao (beer! my fav!).

What a great night of laughter, gluttony and minor alcoholism.


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