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Friday, October 14, 2005

Movie Date

wz my target twin.

We were both working morning shift today and so we decided that we should go out and catch a movie after work at Tampines Mall. As i have been desperately wanting to watch Corpse Bride that was our first pick.

I loved it! As I knew right from the start that I would. My target twin enjoyed it too but she was tired and fell asleep half way through. But I of course nudged her awake quite violently.

Then we wanted to watch Four Brothers but it wasn't showing.

So we settled for Into the Blue.

Paul walker is such marvellous eye candy!!

And Jessica Alba...

don't say oredi lah. So jealous of her.

It was a good day. Been a long time since we went out to the movies together. So long that it was in fact my target twin who suggested we go for a second movie.


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