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Sunday, August 21, 2005


Went for lunch with my Target Twin today at Chee Fu Ji. They had a special National Day Set for $39 for two before tax and sevice fees and what not. Quite a good deal for seven courses, two drinks (bandung), a plate of fried rice, a big bowl of Bak Kut Teh, a plate of Sambal Kangkong, 8 sticks of satay (4 chicken, 4 mutton), a plate of 4 chilli crab claws and grass jelly dessert.

The food was delicious. The rice was magnificent and everything else was great. Except for the Kangkong which for some unfathomable reason was SWEET. Can you imagine our shock when we had our first mouthfuls? I mean sickeningly sweet like someone poured in tremendous amounts of sugar, as if intending to make Sambal Kangkong with a twist, the newest and most trendy dessert on our little island. NOT! YUK! I almost gagged. We ended up drowning it in the chilli gravy that came with the crab claw.

That dish also damn misleading. The huge poster in front of the place showed a big plate of four huge crab claws. I am by no means naive and do not expect crab claws the size of tua paus but I was seriously let down when I saw this dish lor. Last to come out somemore. Talk about anti climactic. Haiz!

What a vast difference from my last experience with seafood. I went to Penggerang with my man and his colleagues and these are some of the dishes we had to feast on.

Chilli Crab

Black Pepper Crab

Now you see why I was quite disapointed by the crab claw. But I must say it was yummy, even though a tad bit small.

At the end of the meal the supervisor/manager(?) came out while the waitress was clearing our table and noticed the huge plate of mostly untouched Kangkong. She asked us if the meal was satisfactory. We told her everything was great, execpt that the Kangkong was sweet. She immediately apologised and took the dish to the kitchen. A few moments later she returned and apologised again and thanked us for giving our feedback. She felt quite bad about the Kangkong tasting so bad and kept insisting on giving us something else to replace it. (talk about customer service.) My target twin and I refused cuz we were really very full. But the sweet lady supervisor/manager came out with two orange juices packed in take away cups for us.

I was really pleasantly surprised and touched that she would go through all that trouble. It's difficult to find such good customer service in Singapore nowadays. I think i appreciated it that much more cuz the lady was sincere. Not plastic or robot like when she was apologising. She made you feel that really cared about your dining experience and the quality of the food she was serving.

Well, that's about as much excitement that I had today.

Gotta catch some Zzzzzz....


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