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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Advertising tactics

Got an email about that show, the maid, today.
The person who sent it originally was saying how she went to Plaza Singapura toilet and got a shock of her life as she rounded the corner and she came face to face with this full size figure dressed the way it is in the pic on the right. It was placed by the door of the ladie's.
Granted it would be terrifying for me if I saw this thing right next to the ladie's anywhere but i take my hat off to the person who thought of it.
Especially since it is now 7th month, otherwise notoriously known in this part of the world as Hungry Ghost festival or Ghost Month. When the Chinese believe that the hell gates open and all the ghosts are allowed to roam freely through the earth doing terrible things to the living if they are not well fed. Here's another pic of what was awaiting the author of the email inside the ladie's. Having to face this after being scared shitless is just too cruel. Genius, but cruel. Ha! I'm glad that I have been to busy to patronise Plaza Singapura recently. This would definitely have caused quite a few sleepless nights.


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