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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Baju for CNY


So hard to find clothes (i like) for CNY. Headache lah, trying to find something not too "aunty-ish" or hedious for CNY.

But i managed to this afternoon. Went to watch memoirs of a geisha with my target twin and after that we went to try and find something to decent for CNY.

We went to metro first. Some of the stuff was okay (as in not great) but some of the stuff we remember seeing from two years back. Scary! We were about to give up when i suggested we go and take a look at Isetan since it's near by. I found a gorgeous gold blouse. Took an or and a half of shopping though. All i gotta do now is decided what bottom to wear? my faded old jeans or maybe my black pants.


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