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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Reunion Dinner

My man, my mum and I were suppose to have reunion on 27th Jan. We could not have it on the 28th Jan like the rest of the Chinese people in the world cuz my man and I are both working and we work shifts.

My man had to do overtime on 27th Jan so we changed it to the 26th Jan and one week before CNY he was told he had to do overtime on the 26th Jan as well. So my mum and I went and ate today without him.

We went to Soup Restaurant and I must say my mum was right the food is fantastic.

We had the set for two which included a soup of the day, fan shu ye fried in sambal kangkong, steamed fish in superior soya sauce (VERY FRESH!) and one of their trademark dishes, Samsui Garlic Chicken and dessert.

This Samsui Garlic Chicken is not meant for those who do not ABSOLUETELY LOVE garlic. The chicken is like good quality boneless chicken rice chicken that is served with a garlic and ginger dip and a small plate of cabbage leaves. What you are suppose to do is pick a piece of chicken, dip it in the dip and wrap it is a cabbage leave and dig in. But i LOVE garlic so i skipped the cabbage wrap part.

I was so stuffed after that meal, was surprised I was able to move unassisted.


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