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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Got award okay

After much nervous anticipation it is all over.

My target twin did not win but at least her performance was good and she did not freeze up and totally lose her voice half way through the song.

She was a bit stiff but one could hardly blame her. Poor dear was a nervous wreck. The day did not run smoothly at all. Loosing her voice made her more nervouse. She could not sing the song she planned to and had to switch to a different one and was beating herself up over that. And she was late for sound check and was yelled at by one of the organisers. People act like such arses when they are under pressure.

After the whole talent show we headed to Sin Hoi Sai, also affectionately known as House of Sin by our bunch, for supper. This place has superb zhi cha. It's on East Coast Road, opposite Holy Family Church. Obviously since we were famished we did not stop to take pics once the food arrived. I am regretting that decision now.

It was a fun night even though my man got quite short with me for buying the "wrong" type of batteries for my target twin's digicam which caused the damn thing to keep dieing. Good thing my man brought his stylo mylo digicam too.


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