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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Last Meal

in Oz.


I am SOOOOO depressed. Since I only got two days of leave instead of the seven days I asked for I have to catch my flight home today.

This really SUCKS!

I told my man when I found out about my leave situation that he should stay on in Oz without me. Since he managed to get his leave. No point having both of us suffer and cutting short the holiday.


Now I regret lor. Take flight all by myself. And since the gang were still on the houseboat on the Murray River they called a cab for me and I went to the airport ALONE. *SOB*

My man was so sweet. When the cab arrived only he, Melissa and Ellias walked me to it and when he gave me that final hug he started to tear. I was quite surprised. I hugged him and told him not to be upset that we'd only be apart for a few days and he just reached down and hugged me tight again.

When I turned to face Melissa and Ell I realised they were as surprised as I was. I explained to them that this was the first time we'd ever be in different countries ever since we started dating.

My poor guy. To think he's taking it worse than I am.


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