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Monday, December 12, 2005

The Big Day

Woke up at five am today. I still can't believe we all got up at five am. Just to get hair and make up done.

It sure ain't easy being a bridesmaid.

The make up artist arrived at 5.30am and started her magic. The hair stylist arrived at 6.30am and breakfast came an hour later.

Mish ( the bride) was so sweet. She woke up to accompany us even though she was the last one who would get make up done. It was fun just having our make up done by a professional and just doing girly things.

The groom and groomsmen were so damn lucky. Didn't get out of bed till 8.30am.

When all of us had finished having our make up and hair done the flowers arrived at 11am followed by the phoyographer and videographer shortly after.

mish n ell's wedding_MEL DEC 2005 027

mish n ell's wedding_MEL DEC 2005 026

So we all had to pose in our PJs for them then hurry off to change. After which we had to pretend to help the Mish get into her gorgeous wedding dress. All four of us. Just for the sake of having pictures taken of us doing our bridesmaid duties. But it was fun cuz we got to poke and prod at Mish when the photographer wasn't looking. *grinz*

After what seemed to be an eternity it came time for us to hop into the limo that Mish and Ell had rented and drive to the Rippenly estate where the wedding ceremony was taking place. Once we arrived we saw the rest of the bridal party and quickly got ready to walk down the aisle. My man look so dashing. (Ok, I'll stop gushing now.)

I was a gorgeous day for an outdoor garden wedding. They had a stage with a canopy and it was by a lovely lake. Thank God it didn't rain. It was sunny with lovely cool breeze. The canopy was a bit small though and I ended up with my entire right arm getting a slight tan.

After the lovely ceremony the happy couple took photos with family and friends that and then we (the entire bridal party) were whisked away by the photographers for photo shoot. We went to Monash Uni where Mish and Ell first met. By this time we were all starving so we decided to drop by at Mcdonald's for a bite to eat. You can imagine the looks we got from the staff and patrons alike.

After the meal we rushed to the National Gallery of Victoria (dinner venue) and had more photos taken. By this time we were bordering on exhaustion. Finallty it came time to rest in the green room.

mish n ell's wedding_MEL DEC 2005 028
the happy couple

Dinner was fantastic. The centre pieces were gorgeous, the hall they had choosen for the dinner had a stain glass ceiling, the band was excellent.

mish n ell's wedding_MEL DEC 2005 032
freaking excellent cake
mish n ell's wedding_MEL DEC 2005 041
me and the bride

mish n ell's wedding_MEL DEC 2005 050
me and my guy

mish n ell's wedding_MEL DEC 2005 039
mish n ell's wedding_MEL DEC 2005 038
mary and her guy
mish n ell's wedding_MEL DEC 2005 035
kate and luke
mish n ell's wedding_MEL DEC 2005 034
pris, my target twin and me
mish n ell's wedding_MEL DEC 2005 052
mish n ell's wedding_MEL DEC 2005 051
After dinner we strolled back to Pacific International Apartments and did a night photo shoot on the way. The party has only just ended. Man am I beat.


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