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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Tulla Marine, Chady's & Lamir's

That is the name of where I am at now. Otheriwse known as Melbourne International Airport. We arrived this morning, my man, me, my target twin, the Laus, the Lees (who brought their adorable four year old son).

I am very excited but also exhasuted since I did not get much sleep on board. My man kept fidgeting and everytime I was about to drift off into never never land he'd move and wake me.

The happy couple were late to pick us up on arrival but we forgave them since this was their second trip to the airport. They had been to the airport at two a.m. to pick up some other relatives. Poor dears.

Since we were still too early to check in to the Pacific International Apartments we went to Chadstone Shopping Centre, more affectionately known as Chady's.
mish n ell's wedding_MEL DEC 2005 002
mish n ell's wedding_MEL DEC 2005 001
mish n ell's wedding_MEL DEC 2005 003

After doing our shopping for essentials and checking in at Pacific International Apartments we headed to Lamir's for dinner. Man was that place packed. We were squeezed together like sardines. But the great food and company more than made up for it.

the meat platter at Lamir's

mish n ell's wedding_MEL DEC 2005 012

me. my target twin and mary (another bridesmaid)


After that dinner it is definitely time for bed. Especially since we all have to be up at 5am for hair and make up tomorrow.

Si Bei Xiong! How will I make it through the day?



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