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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

For goodness sake FF! What are you doing?

News Flash people.

I have been following the blog of famous bolgger Finicky Feline for the past few months. Her great talent at writing, is one of the reasons why I started my own blog. You could say she is one of the bloggers that has inspired/inspires me a great deal. Sometimes serious, sometimes thought invoking and many a time down right hilarious.

She has chosen to hide her identity since she started blogging and there has never been a single pic of her face on her blog or any other (as far as I know).

Till today that is...

Ladies and gents, I proudly present to you the face of the genius blogger that is Finicky Feline.

She quite the chio lor. Even though it isn't a very clear shot, be thankful okay. Before today only a handful knew what she look like.

Must buy 4D!

P.S. FF, if you are reading this, please give me four numbers. We share the winnings.


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