Weddy's War Zone

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Once upon a time there was a bunch of bunnies who worked very irratic hours in this carot farm that operated from a headquaters that was never closed.

These bunnies were an extremely diverse bunch. All of them came from different backgrounds and places, and were offf all shapes, sizes and characters but somehow they all managed to get along.

One of the bunnies use who used to be plumpish was now slim and sexy and now had so much confidence it was quite unbelievable. The other bunnies rejoiced with her at this great achievement. But slowly as time passed she became more and more full of herself.

The day came when this slim bunny met a handsome guy bunny and not too long after she told the other bunnies that she was getting engaged and all about the big party she was planning (but not inviting anyof her bunny friends to).

Once again the other bunnies rejoiced at her good fortune. But the rejoicing did not last long for the bunny friends were noticing many changes in this new improved slim bunny.

She was slacking off at the carrot farm, coming and going whenever she pleased. All this was starting to piss off her bunny friends. They also noticed other changes in her as well (she started to put on weight).

Finally one day they could not recognise the once slim bunny anymore. Her horrid work attitude and terrible character had magically transformed her into a pig and so the other bunnies treated her as an outcast and she ran away.



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