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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Match Point

Today is my man's birthday and we did not get to go out till late cuz he had to work.

I met up with my Target Twin who after watching memoirs of a geisha is still in her "Hatsumomo" phase.

We went to watch Match Point and chose to watch the show at GV Marina so we could enjoy a meal at Carl's Jr. We had planned to have Ben &Jerry's too but needless to say we stuffed ourselves senseless and had to give Ben & Jerry's a miss. Good thing Match point was such an interesrting movie we did not fall asleep. I just love films by Woody Allen.

My target twin and I met up with my guy after the movie and we bumped in Suzanah and her hubby. They still got that newlyweds kinda glow about them. So sweet (sickeningly so). I am glad for them. They look so genuinely happy. It was almost unbearable.

We headed off to Carl's Jr (again) cuz my man wanted to eat there. We had a fun time of catching up and gossiping.


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