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Thursday, November 24, 2005

The Hunt for the Longest Zip in Town

I went for the final fitting today!

The bridesmaid's dress fits!

It is a bit loose cuz I am not bloated (unlike my last visit). The seamstress even told me I had lost weight. Told her not to make me happy for nothing. I just know it's cuz I ain't got my menses.

I brought the 2 pairs of shoes i bought to try with the dress. The seasmstress is a genius. Even the length is perfect. She did tell me that she could take in the dress somemore to gimme a better shape but I decided not to. Don't wanna end up bulging everywhere after dinner. It's not like I can just unzip it and relac one corner.

After the fitting my man and I decided to go zip hunting. My guy is very big (get your head out of the gutter!) and he is very tall. He has this jacket that has a busted zip and he's been trying his darndest to fix it but has been unsuccessful thus far.

He asked my seamstress where abouts we could find a 39 inch zip. She stared at him in amazement and told him to try textile centre and so we hopped in a cab and sped down. We looked in all the shops that were opened and not a single one had zips that long. I'm really beginning to wonder where on earth he got that jacket.


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