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Friday, November 18, 2005


I went to get new specs made today.
Two pairs of Transitions Lenses.

Decided to give my bawa block optical shop a try. I had never been there before but my mum told me that they're very good.

The price difference is amazing.

I usually get my specs done at a shop in Tampines. As I am "blind" (yes, that is how high my degree is) I usually get multi coated glass lenses (much thinner).

A pair at my regualr shop would set me back around $300. At the shop near my place they lady quoted me $220 for multi coated glass lenses and $240 for transitions lenses. Sad part is that Transitions Lenses are only available in plastic lense. Both prices inclusive of the frame. I got so excited I bought two pairs.

They are lovely! I love them to bits.

Can't wait to show them off to my target twin.


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