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Sunday, November 20, 2005


I recall watching this program on Tcs 5 called, "One Deed, One Lifetime."

In that particular episode there were interviewing this guy called Wayne. "What's was so extraordinary about Wayne?" I wondered. He looked like any other Chinese guy in Singapore. So I started to pay attention to this program.

He said when was a little boy his dad was declared bankrupt and left the family and he and his sister ended up in a children's home. One day a lady came to the home to look for them and adopted him and his sister. He told of how at first he was rather puzzled and very guarded towards this lady who he had never seen before. He did wonder why would this stranger care about him and his siter and want to adopt them. Later he found out that this lady was in fact his father's wife. His mother was his father's mistress.

He told of how he encountered problems getting into Primary school as his father and mother were not legally married and he and his sister did not have birth certificates and were not recognised as Singapore citizens. His adopted mother fought for them to get birth certificates just so he could go to school.

Did i mention that his adopted mother had divorced his father and she had six children of her own?

As time passed Wayne's adopted mother went to look for another two of his older siblings. His older brother and sister were staying with one of his aunt's at the time but they were having a hard time discipling his older brother. So Aunty Helen took them in and adopted them.

This single woman who has six kids to feed went to look for the four children of her husband's mistress when he disappeared. She knew they would have no one to care for them and found it in her heart to take them all in. Her friends at the time constantly berated her, calling her stupid for taking in the kids of the women who stole her husband. She just quietly said, "These children are innocent. They deserve a chance an and education."

I felt so small and petty next to this great woman simply known as Aunty Helen. She was not wealthy and there were times of hardship but she has a heart of the purest gold.

I salute you Aunty Helen.


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