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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Two Virgos and a partridge in a pear tree



This is Suzanna.
ada's bday 2006 MOS 04

This is my target twin.

ada's bday 2006 MOS 02

Both of their Birthdays fall on the first week fo September. As such a whole bunch of us went out to Ministry of Sound to celebrate.

It was quite an eventful night. Loads of booze and dancing and what not. We had about six to eight trays of shots. I have no idea why everyone was so generous and willing to buy tray after tray of shots. We had B52s and cosmopolitans and last but not least we had slippery nipple which I can't say I enjoyed very much. All this came right after we had shared a bottle of champagne and I had a couple of bottles of beer and some screwdrivers.

Funny things happen when one gets slightly intoxicated. I went off to the loo a few times by myslef through out the night. Each time I headed to the loo on the 2nd level as it's usually empty. I did not take my bag with me at any time. When i got home and checked my camera I found this photo...

ada's bday 2006 MOS 15

Notice that I am not taking the photo of myself. And I am sure I went to the loo by myself all the time. How on earth this photo ended up in my camera I have no idea.

I was telling my target twin that I hope to God that I am in the ladies and not the gents cuz I know for a fact that the gents is exactly the same colour scheme as the ladies.

Enough freakiness for now. After partying till almost closing time we left for supper and I forced Rainie to hop into a cab with us to the prata place so Airwan had no choice bit to follow. Needless to say he was not to pleased but we appeased him with Nasi Goreng Ayam and all was forgiven quickly enough.

And now for the pics of the rest of the gang.... Enjoy.

p.s. Happy Birthday to the two loveliest virgos I know.

ada's bday 2006 MOS 35

ada's bday 2006 MOS 32

ada's bday 2006 MOS 19

ada's bday 2006 MOS 18

ada's bday 2006 MOS 14

ada's bday 2006 MOS 06

ada's bday 2006 MOS 03


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