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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Got back last night

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sweet love from Baskin Robbins in MBK Centre, Bangkok.

and I had to work this morning. That totally sucked man! Oh well. Such is life. Had a blast.

Well, the trip was off to a bad start.

I took the 1.05pm flight to Bangkok so at 9am I was still asleep. It was at this time that Ayumi (not her real name of course) sms me to call her once I got up. I did and the poor girl was close to tears. She is one of the people who went with me to Bangkok.

She told me that almost half of our friends had decided to chnage hotel last minute and did not even bother to tell us. Among the people who changed hotels was a girl she is quite close to and I just felt so upset for her. To make things worse she found out later that it wasn't even last minute like they told her originally but they had planned it weeks ago but nobody bothered to tell her. She was so close to backing out of the trip. I told her to just fuck it and hang out with my target twin and me.

The worse part is that she was gonna be on the same flight as the rest of her "friends" who had decided to change hotel without telling her while my target twin and I were on SQ.

Lots more drama happened in Bangkok. Seems half of the people who had changed hotels were under the impression that EVERYONE was gonna change hotels. Only when they arrived at their cheap ass, SGD$29 per room/per night, no fan, no air con hotel did they realise that part of the group was missing. When they asked the others where me, ayumi and my target twin were they were told, "there! draw the curtains and look out the window you can see their hotel." The cheek of those people.

We met up with the ones that had been hoodwinked into changing hotels and invited them to our hotel (Amari Watergate) after dinner. When they saw my target twin and my room they were speechless (for 5secs lah). My friend, Rawk(!) said she has to stay there the next time she goes to Bangkok. I really felt sad that they missed out on such a great hotel.

I must say I did kinda regret not staying at Pathumwan Princess which is right next to MBK centre cuz it is just sooo convenient. But I must say the new Platinum Mall opposite Amari Watergate was very interesting. Plenty of shops with lots to see. I bought 10 bags and 6pairs of (fake) birkenstock. No, not all were for me. 3 for my ma and 3 for me.

At the end of the day my target twin and I bought an extra bag each to pack our surplus stuff. My target twin went crazy over instant noodles, whole suitcase full of it!

At the airport I has 2 bags for 31kgs and my target twin had 2 bags for 33kgs. After some pleading with the counter staff she waived our excess. That was all thanks to Dan the Man our travelling companion who did not have quite as much baggage as us and was willing to share our baggage weight with us.

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