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Sunday, January 01, 2006


Had a last minute party to attend. (thanks for the invite G!)

It was cool to hang out with my friends again. It has been too long since our last outing.

This lovely couple(G and Meg) who hosted the New Year's eve party were not able to go to the wedding in Oz. Poor G had to go for reservist.

I poped by after work and had a great time catching up while stuffing my face and boozing up (of course!).

I don't think Meg ever realised our full potential to consume large amounts of alcohol (mainly beer). We had finished EVERYTHING in their fridge and started on the hard liquor.

My man also poped by after work at around 4.00am and we left close to 6am.

The party continued till 10am or so I was told.

Was too lazy to take any pics so you guys are spared.


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